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Here at Bricklands, Inc. we take pride in providing quality services, and are passionate about preserving historical masonry. We have been working in Washington, D.C. for 25 years, and are now working to bring our superior workmanship to Richmond, VA. We have been falling in love with this city and it’s amazing architectural designs and we feel inclined to help preserve this great city. We are a family-owned business with years of experience with historical construction. Our goal is to bring you the best quality and make your property the best-looking on the block. We offer re-pointing (tuck-pointing), paint removal (lead or unleaded), rebuilding, and many more masonry services. From all the challenges and projects we’ve gone through over the years, we have the knowledge and experience to accomplish high-quality work. We’re excited to grow our business in the Richmond area, as we have done so successfully here in Washington, D.C.

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Brick homes and chimneys require upkeep to remain in good condition. Particularly, older brick buildings are susceptible to mortar loss and cracks. If left alone, these problems can lead to major issues that will be difficult and expensive to repair. Re pointing is the best way to repair brickwork and to restore the look and value of your home.

When you need re-pointing on your building, you can count on Bricklands Inc. for your expert brick masonry contractor in Washington D.C. Our experienced team will properly repair your damaged masonry using the best re-pointing techniques and materials.

At Bricklands Inc., we are known for our extensive work on historic and older homes. We take care to ensure that the mortar matches the existing surfaces to make the repairs look invisible. Properly repairing mortar will keep your structure in good condition for many years to come.

Many factors can cause bricks and mortar to deteriorate. Weather conditions, foliage, and poor materials can contribute to the decline of the brickwork. At Bricklands Inc., we have years of experience working on repairs that will restore your home to perfect condition.

When painting exterior brick surfaces, be sure that the proper re-pointing has been completed. Inspect the mortar to ensure that it is in good condition. Painting damaged brick surfaces could result in major problems down the road. An inspection by a reputable masonry contractor in Washington D.C. will provide an indication of any repairs that are required.

Proper re-pointing will extend the life of the bricks and will increase the value of your home. When you want a professional re-pointing job that perfectly blends with your house, call Bricklands Inc.

Maintenance, upkeep, and the rebuilding of older and historic homes is our area of expertise at Bricklands Inc. We are a leading brick masonry contractor in Washington, D.C. We take care of all types of masonry needs, including the rebuilding of brick chimneys, walls, and other brickwork.

Chimney rebuilding is a very common requirement, especially in older homes. Chimney rebuilding is necessary when the bricks or grout have been extensively damaged. Heat from the fireplace, along with extreme weather conditions, can damage the chimney over time. Once the mortar is cracked or chipped, it can cause the bricks to shift and break. Bricks can even fall out of chimneys that are in ill repair.

Bricklands Inc. has years of experience repairing and rebuilding brickwork. We will make the necessary repairs and replacements to make your chimney or other brick structure better than ever. We use only high-quality materials and expert workmanship, making us one of the authorities on chimney rebuilding in Washington, D.C.

In addition to chimney rebuilding in Washington, D.C., we also rebuild brick arches. We take pride in completing the work to the highest standards to ensure that your home brick work is beautiful, functional, and authentic.

When rebuilding your brickwork, we use bricks and grout to match perfectly with your home. If bricks are in good condition, they can be reused, utilizing the proper type of grout to sustain them for many years. Your home will look as it did when it was built, but will be strong and durable.

While having some of your structure rebuilt is not always necessary, it may be the best option in some cases. Let our experienced professionals examine your home to determine the course of action necessary. We will provide an estimate detailing the work that should be done to restore your home. Choose Bricklands Inc. for all your masonry work.

Everyone knows that a strong foundation is the key to a lasting building or structure. When you plan on lowering your basement floors or strengthening your base, contact Bricklands Inc.. We are known for underpinning in Washington, D.C. and are just one call away from starting the process for more space.

What is underpinning and why is it important? If your foundation is weak or you want more space in your home and cannot build up, you build down instead! Reasons for underpinning can vary from structural damage to natural causes affecting the foundation. With underpinning, you are basically building a new foundation under the existing foundation. The most common method of underpinning is the mass concrete technique. This method has been around for about 100 years and the protocol is still the same.

When your foundation is weak and you need to strengthen it, underpinning is your best bet because of how reliable it is. We start the process of underpinning by breaking up the current flooring with a jackhammer and digging out the existing soil to the desired depth. Once all the debris is removed, more soil is strategically removed so we can then start pouring concrete to create foundation walls. The more concrete pockets that are poured into the ground, the more strength your foundation will have. After the concrete has cured, we use a dry pack, a mixture of sand and cement, that is placed on top.

There are a few different underpinning processes including:

  • Mass Concrete Pouring
  • Screw Piles and Brackets
  • Pile and Beam
  • Using a Piled Raft
  • And More!

Our engineers at Bricklands Inc. have been doing underpinning work for many years and can identify the best process for your home. Once your new foundation is complete, never worry again about the floors you are walking on. When your structure or building needs need underpinning, give us a call!

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